Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Oh man, I can't believe I let this thing sit here this long. I'm a horrible blogger.

Today I wanted to talk about a complaint I've seen a lot lately. That is the idea that atheists stubbornly ignore evidence for God.

The suggestion is ridiculous.

When you present evidence for God, we consider it. If it is found erroneous, we discard it. That's not us being stubborn, that's adherence to the facts. If you perhaps presented evidence that withstood the rigors of inquiry, we'd accept it.

Let me present the argument in another one.

Person 1: Y because Z.
Person 2: No, Y doesn't necessarily follow from Z and Z is only half true to begin with.
Person 1: No, Y because of Z. Why can't you accept that?

Who's being stubborn?

If you want to say you have legitimate evidence for God, it has to withstand inquiry. If you can't come up with a response for our criticisms, perhaps that indicates a problem with your assertion.

Truth has nothing to fear from inquiry.

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