Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good Ol' Texas

If you live in Texas, you should probably join a church as soon as you can. After you've done this, feel free to break any laws you want. That is, as long as you can say you broke them religiously.

That's the logic behind this case that recently regained some publicity.

Here's the short version. This 17-year-old girl was a member of this church. She was acting weird one day, so they tied her up and beat her while she begged them to stop. They held her captive for two days. They called it an exorcism.

After the event, she dropped out of school. She tried to slit her wrists.

Now, twelve years later, the Supreme Court of Texas is saying that they can't do anything for her. It's a First Amendment issue, can't interfere in the practice of religion.

You wonder how these people sleep at night.

If a crime is committed, the religious reason doesn't matter. At no time or place in our society should religion supersede the law or government. You aren't allowed to beat someone when they don't want to be beaten, especially not a child. You aren't allowed to hold someone prisoner for two days if they don't want to be held, especially not a child. Religious law is supposed to be the lowest authority in the land.

The court claims that they can't do anything because the harm inflicted was emotional, not physical. So it stands to reason, then, that as long as you keep someone in reasonable health, you can imprison them indefinitely in your church. As long as you're convinced that you're helping and you don't cause any physical harm (except for bruises, which the young lady suffered from being pummeled by church members), the Supreme Court of Texas has your back.

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Q said...

If the end of church independence and religious freedom in this country means that you can no longer beat and traumatize helpless children in the name of your imaginary friend, them I'm all for it.

Take them to the Supreme Court and VIOLATE them. I'm shocked that even the lower court, EVEN in Texas, decided to rule in favor of the exorcists. That is such a clear case of crossing the line about what freedom to practice your religion means that it is laughable. Next they'll be trying to justify islamic honor killing, since we cannot interfere!

Hopefully despite being conservatively bent, our US Supreme Court can rein in these wackjobs and their skygod. Although, if the Supreme Court rules against the exorcists, it will likely be because they are possessed by demons.