Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Caste systems, it's generally accepted, are wrong. The reasoning behind this is simple enough: you're born into servitude with no chance social movement. You are born, essentially, in debt to a higher class. In free nations, we find the very idea of this abhorrent.

We believe, rightly so, that each person should be judged by his or her own thoughts and actions, not the circumstances of his or her birth.

That is, except religious people. They claim to support the ideals of equality, and they even live it, but according to their theology we are all members of a caste inferior to God. Born in debt to him because of the actions of ancestors so far removed that there's no hope of piecing together the genealogy, we are locked in our inferior, servile positions for not just life, but all eternity.

According to them, we are a world full of Untouchables, forever undeserving of love or respect but receiving despite our flaws because of the infinite benevolence of our loving, superior emperor.

It's truly amazing that America is one of the most religious nations in the world, given how the core concepts of religion are so incredibly un-American.

Why would we ever want to submit ourselves to a life like this?

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Q said...

I suspect most of the statistics assembled regarding religiosity are junk statistics, there are probably a lot of people who just answer quickly to get rid of the pollsters on the phone.

That being said, I'm sure the real numbers are still a startling insight into the willful ignorance of greater America.