Monday, October 6, 2008

World Ending Tomorrow

Apparently, there's this thing called a Web Bot. This thing predicts the future by looking at web sites. It predicted a lot of things. Don't ask what those things are. I don't have to prove myself to you.

Yeah, it was important stuff. How important? Stuff like 9/11. Yeah, that's right. Bet you're sorry you questioned it now, huh?

Well, yes, of course it managed to predict that by scanning the web. It was in the collective unconcious, man. The collective unconcious knows its stuff.

Anyways, the collective unconcious, through the Web Bot, says something's going down tomorrow.

Something big.

Well, according to these guys it's going to be bigger than you can possibly imagine. Remember the first ten days after 9/11? Remember how you felt then? It's going to be like that, but it's going to last until late February.

Because the Web Bot says so, that's how I know!

So, anyways, when 10/8/08 rolls around expect to see headlines along the lines of:







Palin Only Survivor With Inexplicable Immunity

Also, you should go to the grocery store right now and buy water. Lots of water. And medicine. And close all your bank accounts. Seriously, if you know how to survive in the wilderness you might just want to leave now to beat traffic.

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goodgod said...

Hey, GWD, Andrew from GG/NG here. Got your message on my blog. A couple things:

1) It seems the Web Bot was wrong. Thankfully.

2) Just so you know, in the future you can contact GG/NG by commenting on our website ( or emailing us at

3) Good points about abortion. You're right, Kyle wasn't really prepared, and I was only slightly more so. We don't consider the show to be a "debate", we're just trying to keep it informal. Just two guys with two different worldviews promoting dialogue. We do a little bit of prep work before the show but most of it is right off the cuff.

You're right, there is a difference between biological and social dependence. That's why I brought up the example of the astronaut in the space. My point was simply that just because something is biologically dependent on something doesn't always mean it's not human, so if that is the sole reason for saying the fetus isn't a human being, it's not a solid one. Your example of the Siamese twins is a good one - it goes both ways. That's why biological dependence seems to me to be a gray point when considering whether or not the fetus is a human being.

However, one of the fundamental differences between the Siamese twin and the fetus, and one which you acknowledge, is that the fetus eventually will be a fully-formed and developed being. Thus, by aborting it, even if it's not a human at the time you are still killing a potential and future human. You are denying it a viable future. What is murder, if not the denial of future life and experiences?

Check out the comments section for some more of my thoughts on the issue. It's definitely a gray area, which is why I personally hesitate from supporting blanket positions like "All abortions should be illegal" or "All abortions should be legal." There are always exceptions. Personally, I think that while abortion shouldn't be outlawed, it should be regulated on a case-by-case basis to prevent them occurring when there are plenty of alternative options out there (eg. adoption) that don't require denying a potential human being a future.

Anyways, if you feel like continuing the discussion, shoot us an email or comment on the website. Thanks for listening the show and contributing to the dialogue!